We really need your prayers during the month of February. 

(1) Michael was in a car-pedestrian accident in December, resulting in a serious concussion, and five torn ligaments in his left leg.  The surgeon says it’s “remarkable” that Michael wasn’t more seriously injured, and his circulation and nervous system in the leg are still functioning well.  We thank the Lord!

The surgeons plan to operate on the leg on Tuesday, February 16, to rebuild and reattach those ligaments.  Please JOIN US IN PRAYER for the surgery, for the recovery and PT, and for our witness to the hospital personnel.

(2) There’s been an increase in requests for materials, starting last fall, and accelerating in January.  With the great help of men from our church, we’ve been able to keep up with orders, despite the injuries.  Please PRAY for new believers starting their studies with group leaders in the Bronx, Astoria (Queens), and Pontotoc, Miss., and for new leadership classes (Life of Christ series) in Syracuse, Boston, LeHigh Acres (near Miami), and continuing groups in many different sites, including Mississauga, Ontario, and LaCrete, Alberta.   

(3) We have upgraded our web site (did you notice??) and are now working on providing a new ordering option online through that site, by arrangement with our local printer.  Please PRAY for the development of the ordering system, now in limited trial, and for more and more local churches and urban ministries to take advantage of the curriculum (SEAN).

(4) Please pray for the continued development and “re-birth” of Community Alliance.  Michael serves as an elder, with Pastor Dr. Gary Newton.  Michael has taught a class on Bible Interpretation, mentoring new believers, and hopes to start the Life of Christ training program in the fall of 2016.

(5) Our financial support has fallen behind during 2015, which makes our continued service for the URBACAD ministry uncertain.  We believe God will continue to supply, as he has through our 38 years of service for his Kingdom.  Please pray for this situation, and for the special literature project (see the news article).  And give as the Lord directs you.

A special thanks to all of you who have given, and prayed, and called and written.  We feel you have been God’s loving arms surrounding us in tough times, and empowering us to do great things for His glory.